DGUV at the Petersburg Dialogue

Dr. Kemper and Sergey Aleshchenko

Dr Gregor Kemper, DGUV (left), Mr Sergey Aleshchenko, Vice-Chairman of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation (right)
Source: © Petersburger Dialog

On 17th April, Dr Gregor Kemper, Director of the International Relations department at the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), took part at a meeting of the Health Committee of the Petersburg Dialogue. Former Minister of Health, Mrs. Andrea Fischer, coordinates the meetings on the German side.

The main thematic emphasis of this conference in Saint Petersburg was on rehabilitation. Dr. Kemper first introduced the principle of medical, occupational and social rehabilitation as practiced by the DGUV. He then discussed with the other committee members how the institutional division between medical and professional reintegration in Russia could be overcome, in regards to occupational accidents and diseases. This is a key to success issue if the joint project of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation (FSS) and the DGUV to introduce rehabilitation management in Russia should be successful. In the framework of this project, several seminars from the DGUV with the FSS on the topic of rehabilitation management have already taken place. During the conference, the representative of the Republic of Tatarstan reported that the first extensive rehabilitation measures had been carried out, in the process of implementing the insights from said seminars. Those measures already lead to a reduction invalidity pensions.

In conclusion of the event, the participants signed an agreement for the next five years of cooperation between the DGUV and the FSS.