Safety and health protection at work

(Information sheets "Focus on IFA's work" and "Focus on IAG's work" as pdf-files)

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Example of an industrial truck (see "Focus on IFA's work", No. 0391")
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The latest information sheets are available for download in PDF format. Use the button in the right-hand column to search for specific information sheets in our publications database. All sheets are documented in the database, including those concerning completed projects.

Title Number
Checklists for the selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) 0270 (PDF, 132 kB)
Does wearing disposable gloves improve hygiene at fresh food counters? 0283 (PDF, 122 kB)
Establishing reference values for indoor workplaces 0349 (PDF, 398 kB)
Indoor workplaces – investigation of the working environment
0149 (PDF, 399 kB)
Mobility: a two-edged sword – A task and skills analysis of mobile IT-supported work 0339 (PDF, 124 kB)
Prevention of occupational accidents: The Prevention Index in practice 0347 (PDF, 88 kB)
System for the three-dimensional measurement of hand forces 0289 (PDF, 106 kB)
The Risk Observatory of the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions (RIBEO UV) 0365 (PDF, 205 kB)
The use of VDUs at drivers' workplaces 0300 (PDF, 448 kB)
Transponder technology for the protection of persons 0291 (PDF, 135 kB)
Use of smartglasses for safety checks on industrial trucks NEW 0391 (PDF, 112 kB)
Web portal: indoor workplaces 0328 (PDF, 136 kB)

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