Focus on IFA's and IAG's work

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Subject at the laboratory workstation with two screens (see "Focus on IFA's work No. 0390")
Source: IFA

With the latest supplement in February 2017 the following information sheets were added or actualised to the "Focus on IFA's and IAG's work" series:

Title Number
Physical loads during patient transport on staircases 0386 (PDF, 179 kB)
UV transmission of vehicle windows 0387 (PDF, 152 kB)
Muscoskeletal workloads during pulling and pushing hospital beds and wheelchairs 0389 (PDF, 137 kB)
Use of one or two screens: physiological parameters and performance 0390 (PDF, 180 kB)
Use of smartglasses for safety checks on industrial trucks 0391 (PDF, 112 kB)


Title Number
GESTIS substance database on the Internet: 0125 (PDF, 228 kB)
GHS column model for the assessment of hazardous substances 0341 (PDF, 178 kB)
GESTIS-Stoffmanager: Risk assessment in accordance with TRGS 400 0351 (PDF, 159 kB)
GESTIS-Stoffmanager: Quantitative Non-measuring Estimate of Inhalation Exposure 0352 (PDF, 182 kB)
DGUV’s GESTIS DNEL database 0353 (PDF, 194 kB)
New trends for the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions – The Risk Observatory 0365 (PDF, 205 kB)
GESTIS Biological Agents Database
0366 (PDF, 249 kB)

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