IFA-Reports, BGIA-Reports, BIA-Reports and Reports of the German Institutions for social accident insurance

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Source: IFA

Complete reports on up-to-date research topics are published in the form of "IFA-Reports" (formerly: BGIA-Reports and BIA-Reports) and reports of the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions (most of them in German only). They can be ordered free of charge.

Some of the reports are also available in English for downloading. They are categorised to the year of publication.

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Reports (in English)

  • Report Indoor workplaces -
    Recommended procedure for the investigation of working environment
  • IFA Report 5/2014e
    Derivation of an Exposure-Risk Relationship (ERB) or alternatively an Occupational Exposure Limit (AGW) for Selenium and its Compounds
  • IFA Report 7/2013e
    Safe drive controls with frequency converters