Combustion and explosion characteristics of dusts (BIA-Report 13/97)

Abstract: As a basis for the safe use of inflammable dusts and the planning of adequate measures to prevent dust explosions in dust producing and processing plants, this report briefly states the essential combustion and explosion characteristics of some 4300 dust samples taken from nearly all branches of industry. The analysis procedures applied are described and further factors mentioned. Since the combustion and explosion characteristics largely depend on the particular kind of dust and the analysis procedures applied, the importance of the so-called "limits of applicability" is particularly stressed. These limits have to be taken into consideration by the user to prevent serious mistakes in the evaluation of hazards or the planning of protective measures.

Database Combustion and explosion characteristics of dusts

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Beck, H.; Glienke, N.; Möhlmann, C.: Combustion and explosion characteristics of dusts. BIA-Report 13/97. Publisher: Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften, Sankt Augustin 1997
ISBN: 3-88383-469-6
ISSN: 0173-0387