Projects at the Center of Epidemiology

Core Research and Service

Project-No. Project Title
IPA-205-MSB-Homeoffice Online survey on musculoskeletal disorders in the home office
IPA-182-EVA-Mesothel Extended surveillance for early detection of mesothelioma
IPA-181-ProTool-Welding Development of a software-tool based on a statistical model for predicting exposure during MAG/MIG weldingd
IPA-179-FireExpo Fire-fighting service – Exposure screening
IPA-177-COVID-19 Occupational safety and mental stress caused by SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
IPA-166-Light Light and Shiftwork
IPA-165-Interweld Exposure reduction in welders – an Intervention study
IPA-144-MoMarFollow Molecular markers for early detection of cancer follow-up
IPA-143-HBM-Fire Service Cancer risk in the fire service - Biomonitoring of fire brigade forces
IPA-139- Shift Work 2 Prevention and intervention for shift workers
IPA-78-Epid-Risk Risk Assessment
IPA-77-Epid-General-Services General services, data management and collection
IPA-12-Biobanking Database for biobanking at the IPA


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