Focus on IFA's and IAG's work

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Experimental setup for testing exoskeletons in the laboratory
Source: IFA

With the latest supplement in March 2019 the following information sheets were added or actualised to the "Focus on IFA's and IAG's work" series:

Title Number
Security in safety-relevant control systems 0400 (PDF, 104 kB)
Strong magnetic fields during high-power inductive charging in the kW range 0402 (PDF, 166 kB)
Publication of 3rd edition of updated occupational disease report on OD 1317 0404 (PDF, 114 kB)
Olfactory disorders caused by substances at work 0405 (PDF, 122 kB)
Analysis of the effectiveness of exoskeletons 0406 (PDF, 126 kB)
Investigation of dynamic office workstations in operation at the workplace 0408 (PDF, 116 kB)


Title Number
GESTIS-Stoffenmanager®: Information source for risk assessments according to TRGS 400 0351 (PDF, 96 kB)
GESTIS-Stoffenmanager®: quantitative non- measuring estimate of inhalation exposure 0352 (PDF, 115 kB)

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