Protective measures on revolving doors

(DGUV Information 208-026, to date: BGI 5043)

Revolving door (schematic drawing)

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Cover of DGUV Information 208-026 (to date: BGI 5043)
Source: DGUV

For the prevention of accidents on automatic revolving doors, the IFA, with the support of the then Fachausschuss Bauliche Einrichtungen - FABE (BG Expert committee Structural Objects), has conducted a research project involving risk assessment of a number of revolving doors in practical use. The project resulted in the creation of a package of measures by which manufacturers can improve the protection of persons on revolving doors.

In order to support operators, the IFA and FABE have drawn up a code of practice concerning the safety of power-operated revolving doors. The code of practice has since been published in the form of DGUV Information 208-026 (to date: BGI 5043). It is aimed at the OSH professionals in the businesses, and contains the practical experience gained from the studies. It reveals tips and examples of how the safety of revolving doors can be tested by simple means. Annex 2 describes fabrication of a simple test body which can be used to examine the crushing and shear points on revolving doors.

In addition, a checklist has been produced for the inspection of revolving doors. The checklist enables operators to inspect the safety of their doors easily themselves at regular intervals.

The documents are available for download in PDF format.


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