EU/EC Declaration of Conformity

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Any party wishing to put products on the market within the European Union must make a declaration of conformity, if its product is covered by a corresponding Directive.

The manufacturer or its representative based within the Community declare thereby that the product marketed corresponds to all relevant safety and health requirements.

Conformity assessment

There are different procedures for assessing conformity, depending on the product. The applicable procedure depends on the relevant directive and the risk potential posed by the product.

In the simplest scenario, the manufacturer can carry out the procedure completely independently. In some cases, however, testing and certification bodies have to be brought in. Manufacturers can select an approved body that they feel will provide a competent service – the DGUV Test testing and certification bodies are a good choice.

Even if you do not have to commission a testing and certification body, but you still want to be sure that your product does actually comply with the EU regulations, DGUV Test can help.

In addition, voluntary testing and certification help manufacturers assess their product since any weak points are identified. Moreover, a GS mark or DGUV Test mark on a product is a sign to the manufacturer’s customers that its products are demonstrably safe.


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