Comparison of skin irritation potential of antimicrobial soap formulations vs standard soap and alcohol-based sanitizer rub

Antibacterial soaps are increasingly being used in workplaces, but their effectiveness in reducing the number of pathogens on the skin has so far only been investigated in an experimental approach. Whether antimicrobial wash lotions reduce the spread of disease in "real life studies" has not yet been established. Biocides, conservatives, other potential allergens and irritants are used in some formulations.

Investigation of the irritative potential of the so-called "antimicrobial" washing lotions/soaps in comparison to the previously recommended procedure of hand washing first with syndet/soaps followed by alcohol-based sanitizer rub. The results are of great importance for specific advice on prevention and individual prevention of occupational skin diseases.

Study design
Using randomized, blinded, temporal models, the reactions of volunteers over several days during the application of antimicrobial wash lotions will be compared with conventional wash lotions followed by alcoholic disinfection.. Early changes in the skin barrier and inflammatory parameters will be assessed under standardized laboratory conditions using clinical scoring and non-invasive skin physiological measurement methods (bioengineering methods).