Comments on the combination of protective gloves with protective clothing

Mandatory sign protective gloves

Where for example a combination of chemical protective glove and chemical protective clothing lacks a fixed joint between the glove and the clothing, the skin is unprotected and may be harmed. For such cases, protective clothing with permanently attached protective gloves or with connecting cuffs (glove adapters) between the protective gloves and the chemical protective clothing are recommended (DGUV Information 212-007 (to date: BGI/GUV-I 868) Information on chemical protective gloves, June 2009, Annex 6, at, in German). 

The question how chemical protective clothing can be connected reliably to protective gloves is answered in Section 4.4 of the DGUV Information 212-019 (to date: BGI/GUV-I 8685) Information governing chemical protective clothing for use during remediation work on decommissioned facilities, dumps and buildings/protection against hazardous substances and biological agents. Annex 4 of DGUV Information 212-019 also recommends systems employing double gloves, besides permanently attached gloves and gloves secured by means of adapters.

Mandatory sign protective clothing