International Conferences on Occupational Safety and Health

Promoting the well-being of teachers in a "smart" school
The results of a study on the impact of digitalisation on the health and safety of teachers will be presented at the event. The example of the Republic of Croatia will be used to show how the establishment of a system for developing digitally mature schools can succeed. Another country example from Finland (or Denmark) illustrates under which conditions the digital transformation can promote safety, health and well-being of teachers and students and thus contribute to the quality of education.
Strategies to promote good physical health in education
How can schools contribute to the early and long-term prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)? On 23 June 2022, experts from the fields of occupational safety and health, public health and education will explore opportunities for joint action. The online event is organised by the European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health (ENETOSH) in cooperation with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) and supported by EU-OSHAs German Focal Point.
Moving ahead - Vision.Human.Work
The world in which we live and work is constantly changing. Not surprisingly, the requirements for successful prevention are also changing. Under the slogan Moving Ahead – Vision.Human.Work, the 4th International Strategy Conference on Safety and Health at Work was taking a closer look at the top trends in what is currently being discussed in occupational safety and health.
Networking as a driving force for a culture of prevention
“Networking” - how is that supposed to work? This is the question that so many participants might have asked themselves at the start of the 3rd International Strategy Conference on Occupational Safety and Health that took place in Dresden from 6-8 February, 2013.
Five Pillars for a culture of prevention in business and society - Strategies on Safety and Health at Work
The objective of the 2nd International Strategy Conference on Occupational Safety and Health on 3 and 4 February 2011 in the DGUV Academy in Dresden was to develop a master plan for the improvement of processes and structures to foster a preventive culture at different levels: social politics, businesses and enterprises as well as society.
Building a bridge between international and national strategies on safety and health at work
More than 110 leading experts from over 30 countries met at the 1st International Strategy Conference on Safety and Health at Work at the DGUV Academy Dresden from 28 – 30 January 2009. The goal of this conference, which was hosted by DGUV, was to attempt harmonising the enormous differences in OSH that exist throughout the world.


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