About the IAG

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The tasks of the IAG

The Institute for Work and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IAG) is a part of the DGUV Academy in Dresden. Since 2001, we have been promoting safety and health at the workplace by:

  • Training
  • Research and development
  • Consultancy

We provide training and consultancy with a practical orientation, to:

  • OSH experts
  • Insured individuals
  • Management personnel
  • Employers
  • Teaching staff in higher education
  • Other parties to occupational safety and health

In our seminars, we use practical facilities in order to promote relevance to action on the ground. In the practical facilities, work situations and processes are analysed, evaluated and improved by the trainees.

On behalf of the accident insurance institutions, we also advise member companies and conduct research and development projects. Like those of training and consultancy, these tasks are geared exclusively to practical application.

Working methods

The IAG's work is project-oriented and interdisciplinary. The methods employed focus not on technology or processes, but on the situations and behaviour of human beings at work.

Teams of researchers and lecturers from 22 disciplines are able to call upon the full range of methods and knowledge from the spheres of work organization, commerce, occupational medicine, psychology and the social sciences, education, law, the natural sciences and engineering.


Institut für Arbeit und Gesundheit
der Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung (IAG)
Koenigsbruecker Landstrasse 2
D-01109 Dresden

Tel.: +49 30 13001-2203
Fax +49 30 13001-2703

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