DGUV Test mark: A Symbol of Safety

Examples of DGUV Test marks
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The DGUV Test testing and certification bodies have been awarding their own certification mark, the DGUV Test mark (formerly BG mark), since 1984. The mark can be applied to ready-to-use work equipment, plus parts, ancillary equipment and attachments and selected aspects.

To be awarded the DGUV Test mark, a product has to undergo comprehensive type testing by a DGUV Test testing and certification body. The tests determine whether the product complies with the safety and health requirements. A key part of the certification programme is product inspection, which ensures that the mark is not abused.

Certificates of entitlement to use the DGUV Test mark are valid for a maximum of five years. They can be renewed, provided the product continues to meet the safety requirements.

DGUV Test marks for specific aspects

If a particular aspect has been tested, a special DGUV Test mark can be awarded. In this case, the mark has an extra part relating to that aspect. The requirements which have to be met for these special marks depend on the underlying test standard.

Since some of the requirements drawn up by the DGUV expert committees go beyond the statutory requirements, the DGUV Test mark helps products which are safe and not harmful to health "stand out from the crowd".

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