Information on Conformity Assessment and Product Safety

DGUV Test Information sheets
In its "DGUV Test Information Sheet" series, DGUV Test publishes articles on testing and certification, conformity assessment and product safety.

DGUV Test Explanatory Video

Ordering GS marks and DGUV Test marks
The GS or DGUV Test mark may be affixed to products corresponding to the tested type only for as long as the underlying certificate is valid. Products produced after the certificate has become invalid may not have the GS or DGUV Test mark applied ...

Rules of Procedure for Testing and Certification carried out by the Testing and Certification Bodies in DGUV Test
The procedures during testing and certification, and the possible approval marks, are shown in our testing and certification rules, which you can view or download here. They are part of all contracts with testing and certification bodies in DGUV ...

Conformity assessment and product safety - helpful links
Conformity assessment and product safety - helpful links


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