Help about Certificate Database

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The DGUV Test certificate database lists all currently valid certificates for products and quality management systems issued by the DGUV Test Testing and Certification Bodies.

In case you may not find a product or a company or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the DGUV Test office by phone.

Advices to the search of "certified products"

In the given fields you can search for product terms in the singular, the name of a manufacturer or the type of a product. In addition, you have the possibility to look up a product term in the index or to enter just a part of a word.

Start your query by clicking on "Start Search". You can also search for several arguments at the same time. Just connect them with the function "and". In this case, only results that match all of your entered search arguments are shown.

If your search was successful, the addresses of all companies/manufacturers that have been found are shown.

Now, you can either view the products of all manufacturers or you can click on a single company. In this case, all products and types of this company as well as the symbols of the Test and Certification Bodies that have issued certificates to this company, the test numbers and the types of the certificate are shown.

In the same manner you can search for a certificate that has been issued by a Test and Certification Body in DGUV Test. Click on the arrow in the field "Prüfstelle" and choose a Test and Certification Body. In the field "Prüfnummer" you can search for all certificates which have a test number that starts with a certain year (for example 99) or for a complete test number in case you know it already.

Too many results

It may occur that our database finds too many results. In this case you will get an error message. Please specify your query.

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