Interactive Facilities

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The IAG offers a perfect balance of theory and practice. We use more than 20 practical facilities for our research, consulting and training activities. With special equipment for each specific field, they provide an ideal platform for analysing, assessing and improving work situations and processes.

The seminars held in the facilities are very hands-on and based on real-life situations, resulting in a longer-lasting learning effect and enhancing participants' ability to put what they learn into practice at work.

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Work and Breaks
The topic "work and break" is versatile and affects us all. In this interactive facility we inform about current scientific studies and questions on the topic of break design.
In this interactive facility, participants can experience for themselves how differences in individual characteristics affect visual perception.
Workplace Health Management
The WHM facility provides an overview of the basics of WHM, what it requires and what quality criteria should be used. Participants learn about the elements behind systematically introducing and implementing a WHM system by walking around five info points.
In the Biofeedback Interactive Facility, participants can test and train their current ability to cope with stress and to relax (regeneration ability).
The ergonomic design of workplaces should take into consideration all generations. Our sample assembly workstation shows that there are hardly any additional design elements needed for older employees.
Electrical engineering/control systems
The participants learn strategies for ensuring protection in the case of a fault and conduct tests themselves on plant, machinery and equipment. The result is a higher awareness of the need for electrical safety.
Ergonomics – workstations and equipment
Ergonomic design requires various components to come together: work equipment, work processes and the work environment. Seminar participants can learn about ergonomics and experience it hands-on at example workstations from different areas of work.
Ergonomics – offices
This interactive facility demonstrates aspects of ergonomic design for office and computer workstations.
Hazardous substances
Seminars in the hazardous substances practical facility examine the problems posed by such substances using demonstration experiments and simulated work situations.
In this fully equipped woodworking shop, trainers provide comprehensive instruction on all aspects of woodworking and participants have a hands-on opportunity to see how those aspects fit together.
In this facility, participants can perform experiments independently on machinery noise projection, room acoustics and enclosure of noise sources.
Multi-purpose hall
The size of the multi-purpose hall and the fact that most of its equipment is mobile mean that it can be used for a multitude of purposes, e.g. to reflect the conditions of a real production facility or for conferences and exhibitions.
Almost every type of hazard and exposure factor can occur in the field of metalwork. In our fully functional metal workshop, we show seminar participants the sources of those factors.
Stress Chamber
Measurements are taken to show seminar participants which physical functions react to stress and how they can be influenced.
Traffic Simulation
Training on our driving simulator is an active way for participants to see how they respond to dangerous situations, giving them an opportunity to build on and apply what they have learnt during the seminar.