Determination of noise emission on machines

The European Commission demands better indications for noise emissions in instruction handbooks

The NOMAD-Study (Noise Machinery Directive) carried out by the EU-Commission showed that 80% of the investigated instruction handbooks are not corresponding with the requirements of the European machine- and “Outdoor” directive with regard to noise.

The EU-Commission would like to counter steer with information campaigns and a stronger market monitoring.

Brief description of noise level computation program

The program noise level computation was originally planned for the testing and certification body of the expert committee foodstuffs industry of the BGN. It is used for the evaluation and reporting for noise level measurements according to the machinery directive. Acoustic pressure and acoustic power level according to EN 3744 and EN 3746 as well as workplace level according to EN 11201 to EN 11204 are calculated.

The program is limited up to 50 envelope measure points and 3 workplace levels. Single machines in the field of foodstuffs and packaging are extensive covered.

Machines or devices up to a length of 10 m and a height of 5 m, a width of 4 m can be evaluated.

In preparing the program a special emphasis has been put on an easy practicability and user-friendliness during measuring.

For this reason all possibilities of the individual standards are not implemented for this reason. It is for example required that the measuring points shall be located in free space and not directly on the wall or in a corner.

Furthermore, the calculation of the workplace level according to EN ISO 11202 is only allowed for products which have a locally dominated limited main source of noise.

This limitation was implemented because the measuring expenditure for determination of the correction factor K 3 would be increased according to the standard for other products.

Since the standard EN ISO 11204 does not require this effort, the choice of the above standard is recommended.

The program saves the noise level measures in an Access 2003 scale. An easy evaluation is guaranteed.

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