7 Principles for the advantage of the prevention service testing and certification for producers and operators

Discovery of deficit and elimination

The benefit of the prevention by the testing and certification body is consequently discovery and elimination of occupational safety deficit on products. This benefit is exceeding by the determination of conformity or non-conformity.

Sustained product improvement

The testing is a process which qualifies the producer sustainingly to deliver their products in conformity with health and safety requirements in occupational safety. This qualification verifiably has a positive influence also on the products which are not an object of testing.

Branch orientated hazard analysis

The basis of testing is prevention and branch orientated hazard analysis and risk assessment in consideration of the accident occurrence and of the national and European regulations and standards. Testing is the assessment of the safety-related conformity in occupational health and safety.

Membership companies of the accident insurance institutions

The membership companies of the accident insurance institutions have a direct benefit from the testing. The prevention service consequently complies with § 14 (1) SGB VII.

Supporting of technical innovations

Testing and certification already has an influence on product safety already on the source of the product development process. A special role plays the support of technical innovations in favor of safety and health protection.

Cooperation with other prevention services

A helpful input for other prevention services are the gained findings during the testing and certification occupation. Especially research and development as well as standardization cooperate for this purpose. The combination with monitoring and advisory service leads to a control circle for more safe and healthy products.