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European directives and national legislation oblige manufacturers, importers and vendors to comply with extensive requirements concerning occupational safety and health (OSH). Non-compliance can have far-reaching consequences, e.g. product liability claims or imposition of additional requirements by inspection bodies.

But hardly anybody can keep up with the innumerable directives and standards. Interpreting them requires extensive experience – something that we can offer you as experts in the field.

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DGUV Test: Network of Testing and Certification Bodies
Source: DGUV Test

Our knowledge and experience – your edge in product development

Our testing and certification bodies are EU-notified bodies or GS bodies as defined in the German Equipment and Product Safety Act (Produktsicherheitsgesetz, abbreviated as "ProdSG"). They have decades of experience in safety testing and in advising companies during the design process.

Our involvement in European and international standardisation work means we are always up-to-date with the latest developments.

Our particular strength lies in occupational safety and health. We know how the products are used at the workplace and what matters.

The 100,000+ certificates issued to date bear testimony to the high level of recognition afforded to our services – you can rely on our experience!

How you can benefit from testing and certification

  • Safety defects are detected in an early phase of product development, which means you can avoid expensive, time-consuming rectification at a later stage.
  • Our comprehensive test report covers all of the relevant hazards. You receive a certificate from an internationally recognised testing and certification body, which confirms the safety of your product and enjoys a high level of acceptance both in Germany and abroad.
  • Testing and certification give you certainty that your product and the technical documentation meet the national and European safety and health requirements.

What we offer you

Our range of services includes:

  • Certification of products in accordance with EC directives, including a certificate of conformity
  • Awarding of the GS mark and the DGUV Test mark
  • Testing and certification of specific aspects (e.g. emissions of noise/hazardous substances, ergonomics assessments)
  • Certification of quality management systems

Testing can also be carried out during the development process – a key factor in accelerating the launch of your product on the market.

Information about our services


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