CE marking in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive

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Electrical equipment as defined in Directive 2006/95/EC is subject to an internal production control procedure.

To this end,

  • the manufacturer,
  • the manufacturer’s authorised representative or
  • the person responsible for placing the product on the market,

produces the technical documents specified in Annex IV(3) of the Directive. These documents must enable the electrical equipment’s compliance with the Directive's requirements to be assessed.

Certification can be useful

There is no mandatory certification procedure for electrical equipment. However, it is of course possible to engage the services of a testing and certification body on a voluntary basis.

The GS mark can be awarded for any electrical equipment as long as it is technical work equipment or a ready-to-use commodity.

Declaration of conformity

By issuing a declaration of conformity, the manufacturer certifies that each individual product conforms to the provisions of the Directive. The technical documentation must be kept, together with a copy of the declaration of conformity, so they can be inspected by the national authorities.


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