Procedure of a product test

graphic description of a product testing procedure

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Procedure of a product test (in simplified terms)
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Offer phase

  • After receipt of the application documents (see download area), the personnel assigned by the management of the certification body carries out an assessment of responsibility and checks whether the assignment is feasible taking into account the possibilities of the testing laboratory (resources, feasibility) and of any subcontractors to be engaged.
  • Offer, award of contract and the conclusion of the contract between the testing and certification body and the client are always set out in writing.
  • The Certification Body will determine whether an initial factory inspection is necessary within the scope of the certification applied for. If this is the case, the inspection will be carried out and documented by the examiner.
  • A contract will be concluded with the client upon acceptance of the order. The basis for contracts are the specifications of DGUV-Test.

Testing phase

  • The commissioned test engineer coordinates the course of the test, in particular with regard to the determination of the test location and the coordination of dates with the applicant.
  • After the test has been completed, a test report (deviation report) is prepared and submitted to the Certification Body.
  • The Certification Body evaluates the test and sends the report together with the invoice to the client. If deviations were found during the test, the report will request the necessary evidence.
  • In the event of significant deviations, a subsequent inspection will be carried out at the client's expense.

Certification phase

  • A certification decision is made based on a certification report.
  • In the event of a negative decision, a written statement of reasons will be provided to the client. If the evaluation is positive, the certificate is issued.
Standard/Legal basis Type of authorisation Body
DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-03 Accreditation * DAkkS
DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013-01 Accreditation * DAkkS
2000/14/EG, annex VI, VII Accreditation * DAkkS
2006/42/EG, annex IX, X Accreditation * DAkkS
2000/14/EG, annex VI, VII, VIII Notification* ZLS
2006/42/EG, annex IX, X Notification* ZLS
ProdSG Granting of authority* ZLS

* The scope can be seen in the respective notice of accreditation, notification and granting of authority.

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