Ordering GS marks and DGUV Test marks

samples of GS mark and DGUV Test mark

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How do I order certification marks?

Stickers order

What do I have to do?

  • When ordering, please always be sure to specify the test certificate number and which of our testing and certification bodies issued the certificate. The certificate number not only enables us to to check validity; it is also included on almost all of our marks as a means of identification and protects both you and ourselves against misuse.
  • If you do not want any stickers and order a digital mark from us instead, the material on which the GS/DGUV Test mark is printed and the manner in which it is affixed to the product must be such that the mark remains permanently legible and cannot be removed without being destroyed.
  • Orders are only possible for products with a valid DGUV Test certificate.
  • The marks are sold by Walker Etiketten GmbH.
  • Please use the order form (see download links above).

Notes on use

  • The GS or DGUV Test mark may be affixed to products corresponding to the tested type only for as long as the underlying certificate is valid. Products produced after the certificate has become invalid may not have the GS or DGUV Test mark applied to them.
  • As far as possible, the GS/DGUV Test mark must be affixed next to the manufacturer’s trademark or type label.
  • For more information on product marking, see Section 14 of the Rules of Procedure for Testing and Certifcation carried out by the Testing and Certification Bodies in DGUV Test.


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