Ensuring safe products through testing and certification

Safe, health-friendly products play an important role at the workplace. Employees and consumers as well as companies’ competitiveness benefit from a high level of protection.

European directives and national legislation oblige manufacturers, importers and vendors to comply with extensive requirements concerning occupational safety and health (OSH). Non-compliance can have far-reaching consequences, e.g. product liability claims or imposition of additional requirements by inspection bodies.

How we can help – through innovation, knowledge and experience

Product testing and certification by independent bodies have been proved to help ensure safe, health-friendly products. There are many examples that demonstrate that testing and certification can be successful in supporting product development and innovation.

Benefits of tested products for manufacturers

Some European directives require the manufacturer to commission an EU-notified testing and certification body. However, only approximately 30 per cent of the certificates we issue belong to this category of “compulsory certificates”. In other words, most of our customers come to us on a voluntary basis.

The benefits they cite include:

  • early detection of product defects, enabling them to be remedied before any incidents occur;
  • our certification marks are good marketing tools;
  • the testing and certification body supplies important information about the latest developments; and
  • valuable support is provided for product innovation.

Benefits for enterprises buying tested products

When it comes to buying products, who knows for sure how good the safety and health aspects are? Often, buyers have to blindly trust the manufacturer, which can turn out to be expensive if safety defects come to light later during use at the workplace. Tested products offer a guarantee that the product bought has no safety defects, which is an advantage both for the employees and the enterprise.

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