Quick check for GS marks issued by DGUV Test

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The GS mark gives the manufacturer confirmation that its product satisfies the legal requirements regarding safety and health. However, when deciding which products to buy, vendors are often faced with the issue that a GS mark on a product could be forged and the product unsafe.

List of GS bodies

A list of all GS Testing and Certification Bodies is available on the website of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Sample of a GS mark issued by DGUV Test.
Source: DGUV Test

Please bear in mind that we at DGUV Test can only supply information about GS certificates issued by one of our Testing and Certification Bodies (see the logo in the top left corner next to the GS mark).

For matters concerning other GS certificates, e.g. those issued by TÜV bodies, please contact the issuing body directly.

DGUV Test: simple and swift information

We have significantly simplified the quick check procedure for certificates issued by DGUV Test. Our certificate search function helps you check the database of our valid certificates swiftly and simply.

Reporting of products with forged GS marks

Where there are grounds to suspect that a product has a forged GS mark, the matter can be reported to the market surveillance authorities via their ICSMS system (www.icsms.eu).


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