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Training: the IAG's training programme

The Institute of Work and Health in Dresden is one of the leading training institutes in occupational health and safety in Germany. It is an institute of the German Social Accident Insurance. Over 11,000 labour inspectors, OSH professionals, occupational physicians and political decision-makers are trained here every year. They appreciate the excellence of training, the progressive methodology and the relaxed atmosphere around the campus.

We offer a wide range of seminars for different target groups and continually develop new ones. Your benefit: the results of our in-plant research and consultancy projects are channelled directly into our training activity. This assures that the content of our seminars is up-to-date and suitable for transfer into practice. National and international conferences and workshops supplement our range of training courses.

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International Training Activities

International Seminar Programme
With our international programme, we offer training and seminars for international occupational health and safety experts. Our aim is to contribute to higher safety standards and to make working life worldwide more humane.

ISSA Academy Diploma Programme (PDF, 1.6 MB)
We offer exclusively in Germany the ISSA Academy Diploma Programme on the ISSA Guidelines Prevention of Occupational Risks and Workplace Health Promotion.

World Bank Workshop on OSH 2017
The IAG contributed to the Workshop "Strengthening World Bank Capabilities in Occupational Safety and Health" in June 2017 at the Bank Headquarters in Washington D.C.

4th Tripartite Exchange Bangladesh 2017
For the fourth and provisionally last time, a delegation from Bangladesh came to Germany to attend a three-week intensive seminar on social dialogue, workplace safety and occupational accident insurance.

Vision Zero Visit from Myanmar 2017
A delegation from Myanmar visited the IAG in the context of the Vision Zero Fund.

ISSA Prevention Guidelines and Vision Zero Training for Mongolia 2017
For the third time, a delegation from Mongolia joined IAG Vision Zero training on the ISSA Guidelines on Prevention of Occupational Risks, customized to the Integrated Mineral Resources Initiative by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Workshop for Governmental OSH Experts from Mongolia
A delegation from Mongolia with governmental OSH experts joined a workshop on legal frameworks and institutional settings for occupational safety and health and accident insurance.

3rd Tripartite Exchange Bangladesh 2016
For the third time, the IAG conducted a Tripartite Exchange Programme between Germany and Bangladesh.

2nd Tripartite Exchange Bangladesh 2016
A Delegation from Bangladesh with governmental, employers' and workers' representatives joined a study visit on social dialogue, workplace safety and occupational accident insurance in Germany.

Return on Prevention for Pakistan
A Return on Prevention Study for Pakistan has been launched by GIZ, BG ETEEM an IAG.

Training for ISSA Managers and Guideline Professionals
ISSA Managers and Guideline Professionals were trained by the IAG on the standard model for ISSA Guideline Workshops within the Centre for Excellence in Geneva.

Training for OSH Experts and Governmental Representatives from Mongolia
OSH Experts and Representatives from the Ministry of Labour from Mongolia were trained at the IAG on the ISSA Guideline on Prevention of Occupational Risks.

Labour Inspectors' Training for the Textile and Garment Industry in Punjab
Labour Inspectors of the textile and garment industry of the Punjab were trained in Lahore, Pakistan, by staff of BG ETEM and IAG.

European Webinar "Ergonomics requirements in type C machinery standards"
OSH experts dealing with standardization are invited to participate in webinars dealing with current topics.

National Training Activities

Programme of training for OSH trainers and lecturers
We offer a complete trainer training course for all trainers at the accident insurance institutions and within companies. All seminars within the trainer training programme can also be booked individually.

Programme of training in safety and health protection for inplant skilled and management personnel
We offer a wide training programme for company management and for specialist personnel, on subjects ranging from the design of work to the cost-effectiveness of in-plant OSH measures. We can also train safety officers.

Programme of training for occupational physicians and their assistants from the auxiliary medical professions
We offer a wide range of training concerning issues encountered in occupational medical practice.

Programme of training for prevention experts of accident insurance institutions
You can train with us as a labour inspector in accordance with the German Civil Code (SGB VII). In addition, we offer numerous further training seminars for labour inspectors and other prevention specialists employed at the statutory accident insurance institutions.


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