Programme of training in safety and health protection for inplant skilled and management personnel

With this training programme, the IAG supports commercial and service companies in the private sector, and also public-sector institutions, in the personal development of skilled and managerial personnel. The focus of the programme is safety and health protection.

The training we offer falls into the following categories:

Training of safety officers and specialists
The safety officers and specialists whom we train enhance legal security, prevent operational malfunction and contribute to greater cost-effectiveness.

Implementation of statutory requirements
The focus of these seminars lies upon the practical implementation and application of statutory requirements within plants.

Transport and traffic safety
Traffic accidents within industrial buildings, on company sites or on the public highway may result in major damage and high costs. We offer appropriate training in order to avoid this.

Health management, health promotion, personal health
Employees are a company's most important asset. It is therefore essential that employees be kept fit, healthy and capable of their work throughout their working lives. In our seminars, we impart the knowledge and skills required for this purpose.

Demographic change
As a consequence of demographic change, older employees will be more numerous in the future, and they will have to remain in employment for longer. The IAG is responding to this need with a series of seminars entitled "demographics consultant".


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Dr. Carola Kästner
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Contact regarding subject-matter
Reinhard Zipperer
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Sigrid Köhler
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