DGUV Kompakt 2023

DGUV Kompakt Cover 8-2023

Violence is an issue that affects everyone! | Restructuring of the autonomous administration of the DGUV | Better protection against lead and diisocyanates | Interview with Dr Edlyn Höller: “The German social accident insurance must be included in the digitalisation strategy”. | Verbal abuse of volunteer firefighters is on the rise| For better OSH worldwide – successful cooperation with China
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DGUV Kompakt Cover 7-2023

ZERO intoxicants at work and in educational settings | An interview with Dr Stefan Hussy: "We should use AI to make work safer." | Preventing slip, trip and fall accidents with AI | More commuting accidents, fewer occupational diseases. | German Paralympic Media Award: Submit your contributions now!
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A plan to combat heat I "We want everyone to get there – to their destination, not death." I A joint strategy for mental health I Heat as a health hazard I Kick-off for the new EU-OSHA campaign
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Occupational diseases reach record high | “Climate policy must be closely connected with social policy at all times” | No to violence against firefighters | Increasing number of commuting accidents on bicycles | Changes in Chief Editorial Team and Editorial Advisory Board at DGUV Kompakt
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Interview: “In many companies, psychosocial risks are not discussed.” | There is still a lot of work to be done | A strong alliance for #mehrAchtung (#MoreAttentiveness) on the road | Which sectors are particularly affected by violence at the workplace? | A world of work without violence and harassment
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Care in the home and staying healthy | Special Olympics World Games | Occupational health and safety | Covid-19 as a work-related illness – almost 300,000 suspected reports | Climate change is also affecting children’s daycare facilities
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Bangladesh implements accident insurance | The Cyber Resilience Act | The EU wants to comprehensively improve mental health | Climate change – Where do companies see a need for action? | Depression in the workplace
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A look at Brussels | Ilka Wölfle in an interview about the EU Chemicals Strategy | Defeating of protective safeguards on machines – Supervisors play a key role | Safety delegates want more discussion and further training | Online service for insured individuals and companies
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