DGUV Kompakt 2021

Preventing mental crises | Disability assistance in the pandemic – Interview with Professor Stephan Brandenburg | Simply talk to each other | Challenge of working from home | Safety on German film sets and stages
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Human vs. Machine | What is the interplay between climate protection, sustainable business practices and OSH? – Interview with Dr Stefan Hussy, Director General of the DGUV | 100 years of testing and certification | Work and commuting accidents increasing again | Number of the Month: 78,294 work-related infections with Covid-19 in first half of 2021 |10 years of Rehabilitation in Poland |
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September 2021

Prevention in transition | ‘BG hospitals are the right centres for the unexpected’ – Interview with Prof. Axel Ekkernkamp | New OSH trends | Nominated for the German OSH Award| Campaign for vocational schools: Protect the skin you’re in! | Insurance protection for those who help | Number of the Month: 7.7 million volunteers were covered by the German social accident insurance system in 2020
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July / August 2021

Post-Covid: help for sufferers | ‘The pandemic has shown how important accident insurance is for Europe.’ – Interview with Dr Edlyn Höller | Study ‘Biomonitoring of firefighters in actual fire operations’ | Safely extinguishing fires | Better insurance protection when working from home | Occupational Diseases List expanded | Young journalists prepare for the Paralympics Zeitung | Number of the Month: For 70 years the National Paralympic Committee Germany has been committed to sport for people with impairments and rehabilitation sport.
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June 2021

2020 results: workplace accidents at all-time low | Working together to make work safe | ‘Optimism in the skilled crafts and trades sector is on the rise again’ – Interview with Karl-Sebastian Schulte, Managing Director of the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts | iga focus: New Work & Values | Number of the Month: 3.2 million accident insurance doctor reports | Entries for kommmitmensch Film & Media Festival | New opening: Haus der Zukunft am ukb
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April / May 2021

Dealing with mental stress at work | 50 years of pupil accident insurance – interview with Gabriele Pappai, Managing Director of Unfallkasse NRW | New EU strategy promotes greater participation for people with disabilities
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March 2021

Corona crisis – fewer work accidents, more occupational diseases | Interview with Dr Stefan Hussy, Director General of the DGUV | KulturCheck web app | Healthy workplaces campaign | Help with the effects of COVID-19 | Number of the Month | Nationwide campaign encourages COVID-19 vaccination
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February 2021

Establishing a central business register | Interview with Michael Sauer, Managing Director of Managing Director of the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the Public Sector in Hesse, on the subject of crisis management for large-scale emergencies | Statement: European Pillar of Social Rights
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