Our lives are in a constant state of flux. Flexibility is more important than ever, especially with regard to time freedom. We do our best to offer you the best possible situation in this respect. This includes factors such as the compatibility of work life and family life and inclusion. Our culture of diversity is what makes us special. In addition to a generous Work from Home Policy, we also offer a wide range of part-time work models and work together with you to find a solution that suits your current working and living conditions.

When you work full time at DGUV, you will work 39 hours per week (so-called “Dienstordnungsangestellte” – Employees of social security institutions performing tasks comparable to those of the public service and who are subject to the working-time rules of public servants – work 41 hours). This can be in an ergonomically designed office/laboratory on site, or – depending on the role/job features/hours worked – working from home up to 3 days per week.

Recovery is important. For full-time staff, we offer 30 days of paid annual leave. We also offer time off in lieu.

Another area where our flexibility benefits you: We give you time for your own personal development, with educational leave, online learning opportunities and much more. Our workplace health management scheme (BGM) supports you with a wide range of offerings centred around health at the workplace and when working from home.