EC-Directive 2006/95/EC on Electrical Equipment

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The Directive 2006/95/EC (Low Voltage Directive) covers electrical equipment for use at rated voltages

- between 50 V and 1,000 V for alternating current, and

- between 75 V and 1,500 V for direct current.

Electrical equipment in the meaning of Directive 2006/95/EC is subject to an internal production check. For this purpose, the manufacturer, its authorized representative, or the person responsible for placing the product on the market shall assemble the technical documentation specified in Annex IV, No. 3. These documents must permit an assessment of the conformity of the electrical equipment to the requirements of the Directive. They must be kept available, together with a copy of the declaration of conformity, for inspection by national authorities. By the declaration of conformance, the manufacturer declares that each individual product conforms to the requirements of the Directive.

Electrical equipment is not subject to a certification procedure. The GS mark can be obtained for electrical equipment.

Codified version published

EC Directive 93/68/EEC, introduced in 1993, led to significant amendments to EC Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC of 1973. In 2006, the two directives were merged to create a new version (a “codified” version): EG Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC. This merely involved editorial amendments and correction of translation errors. The codified version came into force on 16 January 2007, with Directive 73/23/EEC ceasing to apply from the same date.

Testing and Certification of electrical equipment

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