What certification marks does DGUV Test award?

Manufacturers whose products have passed safety testing can be awarded a DGUV Test certification mark, providing a quickly recognisable sign that the manufacturer cares about safety. The DGUV Test testing and certification bodies award both the GS mark and the DGUV Test mark.

Who should I contact to arrange product testing and certification?

You can either contact one of our testing and certification bodies directly (Addresses) or the DGUV Test secretariat staff, who will be happy to help you find the right testing and certification body.
Our work is mainly concentrated on commercially used products. We do not test or certify toys.

What is the meaning of the CE mark and which products is it required for?

By applying a CE mark to a product, the manufacturer declares that the product complies with the requirements of all of the EC directives relevant to said product. The CE mark may only be applied to products for which it is required by an EC directive.

Where can I find EC directives relating to products, for example, the Machinery Directive?

We have put together some basic information for you on EC directives relating to the safety and health aspects of products (Product conformity assessment). Links to the directives are also supplied.
A link to all EC directives requiring CE marking can be found under "Further links" in the CE marking section of this site (CE marking).

Where can I find your Rules of Procedure for Testing and Certification?

The DGUV Test Rules of Procedure for Testing and Certification are part of all contracts with the DGUV Test testing and certification bodies. They include rules on testing and certification and use of marks.


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