Name changes at DGUV Test



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For some of the DGUV Test testing and certification bodies, 2012 will begin with a change of name. The new names are the result of restructuring of the expert committees and groups at the DGUV. DGUV Guideline 401 on DGUV Expert Committees lays the foundations for a network of expertise in all areas of safety and health, geared to the challenges of the future. The old expert committees will be replaced by divisions/Fachbereiche.

The DGUV Test testing and certification bodies, which used to fall under the supervision of the DGUV expert committees, now report to the new divisions/Fachbereiche and have new names.
DGUV Test will, however, continue to provide first-class services for producers, importers and vendors in the field of product safety and quality management systems, based on the pooled expertise of the accident insurance institutions.

The name may have changed but the expertise and the decades of experience in testing and certification remain.


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