Children explore safety and health

Investigating safety and health in pre- and primary schools

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Children explore safety & health
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In the interests of a sustainable anchoring of the prevention concept, it is important to sensitize children to safety and health issues in a vivid way. For this reason, the IFA has developed a range of teaching materials. Simple experiments based on everyday experience help to create an awareness of hazards and how to deal with them. Children's own investigations are accompanied by teaching staff in pre- and primary schools. Practical modules are available on:

  • Visibility in the street (warning jackets, high-contrast clothing, reflectors)
  • Trips, slips and falls (slip resistance of different combinations of surface and footwear, motion games)
  • Hygiene and skin protection (the right way to wash hands, power of the sun)
  • Household toxins (hazard symbols, effects of acids and cleaning agents)
  • Noise (avoidance and effects, noise awrareness games)

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Five practical modules are available.
Source: IFA

Interested teachers can find further details on the handy experimentation cards (in German only so far). These summarise the necessary information for conducting experiments – from preparation (overview, required materials, everyday relevance) and practice (described with text and images) through to supplementary ideas and background information. By mainly using readily available materials and the supplied templates, it’s possible to get started with little preparation. The project has been initiated by the German Social Accident Institution of the public sector for Rhineland-Palatinate and developed by the Institute for Health and Safety of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA). The strategy is based on the teaching approach of the foundation "Haus der kleinen Forscher" ("Little Scientists’ House").

Little Scientists’ House

Further information

IFA project 5132 "Children and preventive health research: development of a workshop module for childcare professionals"


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