Toxicology of industrial chemicals

Evaluation of health hazards from substances and substance mixtures

Luminous bacteria in a Petri disc

Determining the toxicity of a sample using luminous bacteria (Vibrio fischeri)
Source: IFA

The main tasks in the field of toxicology of industrial chemicals include advising the social accident insurance institutions in questions of toxicology and preparing and communicating relevant developments in the field, especially in terms of toxicological regulations. This also includes the German risk concept for carcinogenic substances.

By searching the scientific literature the unit supports the Social Accident Insurance Institutions' work by means of toxicological evaluation and risk assessment, such as for cytostatics and fibre dusts.

Toxicology of industrial chemicals is generally handled by the unit 1.5 "Toxicology of industrial chemicals" in Department for Exposure and Risk Assessment. The unit also cooperates in relevant committees, e.g. the Hazardous Substances Committee (AGS) (Sub-section III "Evaluation of hazardous substances") and in the German Commission for the Investigation of Health Hazards of Chemical Compounds in the Work Area ("MAK Commission").

As a tool supporting risk assessment at the workplace level, the unit provides and updates a database "GESTIS - criteria documents" (in German only) covering the scientific and regulatory basis on the setting of occupational exposure limits and classification of substances relevant in the workplace.

Together with the section Principles, Methods and Software Solutions in the Department Accident Prevention: Digitalisation - Technologies, the section "Toxicology of industrial chemicals" supports the "Little Scientist's House" network in the Rhine-Sieg district. It provides a trainer who teaches childcare professionals simple experiments and educational approaches by which preschool children are prepared for everyday experience of scientific, mathematical and technical topics.

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