14th International Conference on Hand-Arm Vibration

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Bonn, 21-24 May 2019

Mechanized manual work is often associated with exposure to vibration that may impact adversely upon the health and well-being of the affected individuals. Besides impairments to comfort and performance, harm to the hand-arm system, possibly permanent, must be prevented as a matter of priority.

In a world of work that is becoming more and more complex, combined exposures are also becoming increasingly relevant. What influence does hand-arm vibration have in conjunction with noise or whole-body vibration? What contribution can be made by medicine, diagnostics, epidemiology, measurement technology and prevention to the identification and containment of risks, and better still, to their elimination? What is the role of international regulatory activity in this context?

The 14th International Conference on Hand-Arm Vibration aims to address these and many other questions concerning hand-arm vibration, and to find answers relevant to the field.

The conference will be held in Bonn from 21 to 24 May 2019.

The event is aimed at all stakeholders in the subject, whether experts from the communities in occupational safety and health, in research or management personnel in the areas of manufacture and design.

Further information on the conference, including a registration portal