Workshop Mikroorganisms (BIA-Report 3/96)


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Abstract: Problems concerning hazards from micro-organisms in the workplace have been dealt with to an increasing extent in recent years by the national institutions concerned with protection at work, not least due to the EU-Directive 90/679/EEC "Protection of Workers from Risks Related to Exposure to Biological Agents at Work", which has recently come into force. The Member States are required to establish suitable regulations within the framework of the required implementation of this Directive into their own national law to provide workers with protection against hazards to their health and safety arising from the handling of biological agents in the course of their work. In this context the Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institute für Arbeitssicherheit, the BIA, held an international workshop in March 1995 on the topic of "Micro-organisms" in conjunction with the Arbetslivsinstitutet, whose proceedings have now been summarised in this BIA report. The goal of the workshop, which was attended by experts from eight countries, was to discuss the state of the art in sampling and analysing bacteria and fungi, in addition to the risks that are likely to be encountered through exposure to biological agents at work. A further major point was to discuss the work of the new European standards group WG5 "Measurement of Biological Agents" in CEN/TC 137 that has now been constituted. And, not least, it was decided by the participants in the workshop to submit a proposal for a European project to the EU aimed at promoting the development at European level of standardised measuring methods, some of them new, for micro-organisms and endotoxins in the work place.


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Deininger, C.; Blomquist, G.; Warkalla, U.: Workshop Microorganisms. BIA-Report 3/96. Published by: Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften, Sankt Augustin 1996
ISBN: 3-88383-405-X
ISSN: 0173-0387