Minimum information for the marking of chemical protective gloves

Pictogram CE marking

Figure 1: CE mark in accordance with the EU directive with code number of the IFA

Pictogram Erlenmeyer flask

Figure 2: Erlenmeyer flask pictogram

Test beaker pictogram

Figure 3: Test beaker pictogram

Pictogram open book

Figure 4: Manufacturer's information pictogram

  1. CE mark
    The CE mark (Fig. 1) documents that the glove complies with the general requirements of the PPE Directive.
    This is mandatory; the product does not otherwise constitute protective equipment.
  2. 1234 (four-digit code, e.g. 0121)
    Code number of the test body responsible for regular quality surveillance of the glove model. Always appears adjacent to the CE mark (e.g. CE 0121 for the IFA, the body notified under the number 0121 in accordance with the PPE Directive).
  3. Erlenmeyer flask or test beaker pictogram (Figs. 2 and 3.) These indicate that the product is a chemical protective glove. Only one of these two pictograms must be present.
  4. Manufacturer's information pictogram (Fig. 4)
    Indicates that before a chemical protective glove is used, the instruction handbook is to be consulted for clarification of the chemicals for which the glove is suitable.
  5. Glove manufacturer's name, address or trademark
  6. Model name
  7. Glove size