Instructions for supplying safety data sheets to the ISi database

Safety data sheets are to be supplied solely as electronic files to the ISi database at the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA). The following conditions must be met:

All communication has to be in German. Safety data sheets for the ISi database must be in PDF format.

A separate file must be supplied in which the safety data sheet file name is referenced to the corresponding product name. Refer to the description of the index file (PDF, 53 kB, nicht barrierefrei) for the criteria.

A company code number is assigned by the IFA to each participating company. The company code number can be requested here (form in German only).

Data supply

The files can be supplied as follows:

  • For large volumes of data:
    • On data CDs or DVDs
    • On USB sticks
  • For small volumes of data:
    • As e-mail attachments (note the volume limit: the size of all attachments together must not exceed 15 MB)

Packed files can be accepted only in the zip archive format. If ten or more safety data sheets are to be delivered please do so also in the zip archive format.

Please send the data to this .


When updating safety data sheets, please send us only the essential changes.

Database updates can be performed only at certain intervals. For this reason, please send safety data sheets to us in batches rather than individually or daily.

Following an update, superseded safety data sheets are placed in an archive in the ISi database.

Company code number

Apply for this number in order to participate in the ISi database
(form in German only)