Regulations and limits

Exposure to electromagnetic fields is evaluated with reference to a series of regulations and the limit values contained within them. In order for generally accepted good practice in the measurement of electromagnetic fields to be set out and observed, use is made of relevant standards.

Legally binding regulations

EU Directive 2013/35/EU (legal basis for procedures for dealing with electromagnetic fields at the workplace)

German Ordinance on the protection of workers against hazards presented by electromagnetic fields (EMFV, in German)

Technical rules, in development; until these technical rules are published, the following accident prevention regulation is applicable:

DGUV Regulation 15, accident prevention regulation concerning electromagnetic fields (June 2001, previously: BGV B 11, in German)

DGUV Rule 103-013 concerning electromagnetic fields (June 2001, previously: BGR B11, in German)

Informative publications

IFA Report 5/2011 concerning electromagnetic fields on installations, machinery and equipment (in German)

BMAS Research Report FB400-E concerning electromagnetic fields at the workplace (November 2011)

DGUV Report concerning indoor workplaces: recommended procedure for investigations into the working environment (January 2016)

DGUV Informative publication 203-038 concerning the assessment of magnetic fields on electric resistance welding equipment (November 2006, previously: BGI 5011, in German)

BGIA Report 2/2009 concerning electromagnetic fields on hand-held spot-welding guns

BMAS research report 457 concerning electromagnetic fields at the workplace: evaluation of non-sinusoidal and pulsed fields: Part 1: adjustment of the time-domain assessment method (TAM) for pulsed fields to the terms of reference of Directive 2013/35/EU (May 2015, in German)

Non-binding guide to good practice for implementing Directive 2013/35/EU (electromagnetic fields), Volume 1: Practical Guide, European Commission 2015

Informative publications focussing upon persons fitted with implants

  • DGUV Informative publication 203-043concerning the influence of electromagnetic fields upon implants (June 2009, previously: BGI/GUV-I 5111, in German)
  • BMAS research report 451 concerning electromagnetic fields at the workplace: safety of workers with active and passive implants under exposure to electromagnetic fields (January 2015, in German)