Field sources

High field strengths are known to arise in the following examples of industrial applications:

Hand holding a measuring device

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Measurement of the magnetic flux density on a plate demagnetizer
Source: IFA

  • Inductive heating/melting/welding
  • Demagnetizing installations
  • Electric resistance welding
  • High-frequency welding, high-frequency drying
  • Live work on transmission antennae
  • Work on high-power transmitters
  • Radar installations
  • Heavy-current applications

Measuring device in front of a machine

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Measurement of the electromagnetic fields on a spot-welding machine. In this area, too, high magnetic flux densities are typically generated, thereby necessitating evaluation of the exposure
Source: IFA

They should be examined more closely during a risk assessment. Conversely, estimation of the field emissions based upon manufacturers' information or site certifications is sufficient for some installations and applications. Examples include:

  • Base stations of local radio networks (WLAN)
  • Wireless telephone (DECT) and Bluetooth installations
  • Mobile telephone transmission installations on which work is not performed directly

The DGUV Report on indoor workplaces provides an overview of exposure to electromagnetic fields at indoor workplaces and the field sources typically encountered there. It contains tables of field emission values that may be useful during assessments of the relevance of the field sources.


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