New pages

The following pages are available since the last update in January 2019:

  • Information on the IFA's teaching material for children exploring health and safety is available in English now.
  • Results of the IFA Proficiency testing 2018 can be downloaded.
  • The IFA is acting as a calibration body for sound level meters used by the German social accident insurance institutions
  • The position paper concerning research is available in an updated version.
  • Information on the ISi information system for safety data sheets was updated.
  • The IFA offers for a fee a reference material for sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid on quartz fibre filters.
  • The range of information on electromagnetic fields at workplaces has been greatly extended, including their measurement and evaluation, the legal background and special issues for people with implants.
  • A new web application can be used to obtain a prognosis of the perceptibility of warning signals for a hearing protector (codes W, X, S, V and Ex in the IFA's list of approved products). The prognosis is based upon sound attenuation values from the type examination of the hearing protector.
  • Flour dust in bakeries: Recommendations of the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions for a chemical safety assessment ("EGU") in accordance with the Hazardous Substances Ordinance.
  • A new english web portal is intended to assist in the systematic investigation of health problems and subjective disorders arising at indoor workplaces, and in the identification of practical solutions.
  • Meanwhile nearly 970 research projects are available in the research database (in German; more than 860 in English).

Reports (in English)

  • IFA Report 5/2017e: Hand-arm vibration: Exposure to isolated and repeated shock vibrations – Review of the International Expert Workshop 2015 in Beijing
  • Report Indoor workplaces -
    Recommended procedure for the investigation of working environment
  • IFA Report 5/2014e
    Derivation of an Exposure-Risk Relationship (ERB) or alternatively an Occupational Exposure Limit (AGW) for Selenium and its Compounds
  • IFA Report 7/2013e
    Safe drive controls with frequency converters