Bulletin on technical non-smoker protection


As of today, the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and its Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (IFA) are discontinuing all activities associated with technical non-smoker protection. These include research work, the testing of non-smoker protection systems and consultations for manufacturers and users of such systems.

In doing so, DGUV and IFA are making their unreserved contribution to the implementation of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which as an agreement under interna-tional law is binding on all signatory states including Germany (more on the framework convention).

At the same time, DGUV and IFA thus recognize the conclusion reached by an ad-hoc Non-Smoker Protection Work Group of the Länder Environment-related Health Protection Work Group (LAUG):

“Summing up, the state of science and technology shows that the technical sys-tems currently available on the market cannot ensure the same protection from passive smoking as a complete ban on smoking. The term ‘technical non-smoker protection’ may give rise expectations that it is unable to fulfil from the health point of view.” (Source: Expertise on the state of science and technology on technical non-smoker protection).

As a consequence, an immediate and complete ban on smoking has been imposed on all prem-ises of the DGUV. This also involves the removal of all technical non-smoker protection systems on DGUV premises.