5th University Conference: Safe and healthy university

"Vision Zero" – No accidents – learning and working in health and safety

18th to 20th September 2017 at the DGUV Academy, Dresden

The core aim of the “Vision Zero” strategy is the avoidance of serious accidents – in other words, accidents in which people are killed or suffer life-changing injuries. “Vision Zero” will be the main theme of the fifth international University Conference, which will examine university-specific issues from this perspective. Amongst other things the focus will be on questions related to road safety (especially journeys by bicycle) and safe sport at universities.

Universities are all about teaching and learning, research and experimentation. People with a wide variety of tasks and activities work under one roof – teachers, students, academic researchers, technical staff and administrators. The aim of the Dresden conference series “Safe, Healthy Universities” is to help ensure that all these people can pursue their activities without risk, and that health and safety is recognised as a quality indicator for universities.

How can the university, as a place of work and learning, be designed to be both safe and healthy? What aspects need to be taken into account? What new research results and current developments are there? Our series sets out to offer a forum in which participants can discuss these and other questions, learn new ideas and share their own practical experience with others.

The conference is aimed at everyone who works at a university or research institute – top researchers, teachers and administrators, OSH-professionals and in-house medical staff, health promotion experts, members of staff committees and works councils, students and prevention specialists from German social accident insurance institutions.

Selected contributions will be interpreted simultaneously into English/German.



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