4th University Conference: Safe and healthy university

Psychosocial strains – a topic at universities?

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28 to 30 September 2015 at the DGUV Academy Dresden


Work safely, learn healthily and lead responsibly: A holistic understanding of prevention is not only limited to preventing physical injuries and impairments; it also incorporates the psyche. What are the psychological stressors at universities and research institutions? What helps teachers, researchers and students stay healthy? How should framework conditions be set up and what measures should be put in place to prevent possible psychological stress?

What are the early warning signals? How can psychological strain be countered in advance?

Our event provided participants with a forum where they had discussed these and other questions, where they had learned something new and where they had exchanged practical experiences with other people.

The conference was aimed at those who work at a university or research institute: managers from the areas of research, teaching and administration; OSH specialists; occupational physicians; health experts; people from the staff council or works council; students; and prevention experts from the accident insurance institutions.

The 4th University Conference was organised by the Institute for Work and Health (IAG) and the Safety and Health Department (SiGe) of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV); the Specialist Group for Universities and Research Institutes of the Educational Facilities Division of the DGUV; and the European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health (ENETOSH).



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