2nd University Conference: Safe and healthy university

19-21 September 2011, DGUV Academy Dresden


The university is a place of teaching and learning, researching and experimenting. People with very different tasks and areas of expertise work under the same roof: professors, students, research assistants, administrative and technical staff. The 2nd university conference in Dresden wants to contribute to a condition where all the people named above can carry out their various tasks without hazards and where safety and health are recognised as a quality feature of a university.

From the 19th to the 21st of September 2011 the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) together with the Statutory accident insurance of the Bundesland Niedersachsen and the University Information-System (HIS) organize the 2nd conference “Safe and healthy university”. It addresses executives from research, teaching and administration, OSH professionals, company physicians, health promoters, staff and works councils and the accident insurance institutions.


Content issues
(dept. SIGE, DGUV)
Jutta Busch
phone: +49 89 62272 178

Ulrike Fister
phone: +49 351 457 1521

Organisational issues
René Dybek
phone: +49 351 457 1914
fax: +49 351 457 1325