OSH teaching and learning

Modern further training is no longer limited to traditional contact seminars, but also exploits web-based media for learning purposes. The IAG conducts research and consulting on the use of new learning technologies and teaching methods, and holds seminars and events with a practical focus on topical issues from the world of work. Training for trainers of OSH experts, and seminars and events on innovative training methods ensure that the further training provision always reflects the results of the latest research into education and training.

Research and development

The efficacy of modern teaching and learning methods is a focus of the IAG's research. A project on the subject of mobile learning for example has studied how occupational safety and health topics can be communicated to people who work on the move. Further research topics include the modalities for the provision of safety and health instruction in companies, quality criteria for OSH videos, and the use of virtual reality in computer-based simulations.


The IAG offers seminars, workshops and other events on the topic of "innovative forms of learning". A comprehensive range of seminars is also on offer for lecturers in occupational safety and health. A learning management system is used in the seminars and other events.

Seminars are conducted in the IAG's practical facilities with close relevance to the situation on the ground and a high level of knowledge transfer. The Wood, Metals and Multi-purpose hall practical facilities feature actual machinery and workplaces for this purpose.


The IAG advises the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions on all steps associated with the introduction of an e-learning programme. Blended-learning scenarios are recommended. Content sharing enables the costs to be kept low and synergies to be exploited.

The IAG's test and certification body guarantees observance of the standards that have been laid down by the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions for e-learning programmes used for OSH purposes, in particular for the statutory provision of safety and health instruction in companies.


With the IAG trainers' days, the IAG has provided a forum since 2010 for the provision of specialist further training to OSH trainers. At these events, a key topic is generally combined with a number of workshops. Participants learn about current developments in the DGUV's training concepts, and extend their knowledge of the individual topics.


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