Programme of training for OSH trainers and lecturers

The programme of training available for OSH trainers and lecturers encompasses the "Train the Trainer" training concept, training for lecturers who train OSH professionals, and new coaching training measures.

Train the Trainer
The IAG has provided OSH lecturers and trainers with systematic initial and further training since 2006, in the form of its train-the-trainer courses. The training, which is modular in nature, covers the areas of media, methods, tuition theory and trainer health, and is intended for full-time, part-time and freelance lecturers and trainers.

The training leads to "Train the Trainer" certification.

As of 2010, we are providing coaching training for OSH trainers and lecturers. Studies into the future of training reveal a trend towards a combination of traditional seminars and other forms of further training. In this context, coaching for trainers has a key function. Coaching addresses the fact that trainers have long ceased merely to impart knowledge; increasingly, they must also be able to moderate conflicts, assume leadership roles, clarify tasks, and support participants in adapting what they have learnt to their own particular work contexts.

Training as a lecturer for OSH professionals
This course of training familiarizes you with the core content of the training stage, extends the methods you are able to employ, and equips you to add even greater variety to the attended training units of training stage II and model case studies. From the framework conditions, through structure, to the content: we bring lecturers like yourself right up to date in the area of training for OSH professionals.

The training leads to certification as a lecturer for OSH professionals.


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