Programme of training for prevention experts of accident insurance institutions

The statutory accident insurance institutions are in a process of continual development. Owing to the growing demands made by society upon the range and quality of the services which they deliver, new skills are needed. Not only is the expertise of staff under scrutiny; their personal attitude, working practices and forms of communication must develop in step with changes. The training we offer is tailored to the challenges you face. Our trainers are familiar with the situation on the ground, and respond to your expectations.

The priority: Prevention

Like any other service provider, accident insurance institutions are measured by their costs and benefits: fewer accidents and diseases at work, lower premiums for the insured businesses. The work conducted by the accident insurance institutions' prevention experts has a direct impact. They therefore receive sound basic training from us for their entry into the profession. They then embark upon a process of lifelong learning. High technical standards and safety-conscious behaviour in practice among employers and employees alike cannot be implemented sustainably by legal provisions alone. Prevention experts must be persuasive. They work in partnership with the employer. They successfully initiate processes of change, and are competent consultants. Take advantage of our range of training services, which are geared to application in the field and employ interesting approaches.

Planned personnel development

Accident insurance institutions employ staff from the most diverse of professions: lawyers, doctors, rehabilitation experts, administrators, and insurance specialists. In the first instance, each group must constantly expand and update its expertise. In order for interdisciplinary co-operation to function in day-to-day operations and projects, joint development targets are also formulated. Managerial staff must motivate employees and support them in meeting the defined objectives. Our training programme offers the right tools for implementation of these very diverse personnel development targets. Consultancy with personnel managers assures their topicality and relevance to practical application.


Contact regarding subject-matter
Dr. Volker Didier
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Organization of initial training
Antje Siemens
Tel.: +49 30 13001-2322

Organization of seminars
Silke Hartmann
Tel.: +49 30 13001-2414