Return on Prevention for Pakistan

factory in pakistan

A Return on Prevention Study for Pakistan has been launched by GIZ, BG ETEM and IAG.

Commissioned by GIZ and German Federal Foreign Office (AA)
Cooperation Partners BG ETEM, IAG of DGUV
Location Lahore, Pakistan
No. of Participants 40
Date Feb. 16 - 19, 2016


In the context of the GIZ project "Implementation of Social Standards Support Programme to the Textile and Garment Industry of Punjab" (ISSSP) a Return on Prevention Study for Pakistan has been launched by GIZ, BG ETEM and IAG in Lahore, Pakistan. The project follows the International Return on Prevention (RoP) Study, which already includes 19 countries and 337 participating companies.

In addition, a Practical Training of Labour Inspectors for the Textile and Garment Industry in Punjab was performed following the pilot seminar from 2015.

Training Approach and Contents

  • In the three-day Labour Inspectors´ Training the participants put their knowledge into practice by accompanied field activities in companies of the Punjab.
  • The RoP Study was planned together with various Pakistani stakeholders in a two-day workshop in Lahore.
  • For the RoP Study numerous interviewers were briefed in an one-day training.


  • The Labour Inspectors defined priorities with regards to risk assessment.
  • The participants of the RoP Planning Workshop developed a hands-on action plan and time plan to conduct the RoP Study in Pakistan.
  • The participants of the RoP Interviewers' Training developed rules and guidelines for the interviews of OSH-Experts in companies.

Outlook and Sustainability

Pakistan has enhanced access for exporting goods to the European market under the Generalized System of Preferences Plus (GSP+). For maintaining GSP+ status, Pakistan must proof sustainable development in putting core labour standards in occupational safety and health into practice. The RoP Study contributes to this by providing inter alia baseline figures for social compliance as key performance indicators within companies. A RoP Country Report will be published, accompanied by press releases and road shows.